On Tuesday, for the second year in a row, Lubavitcher campers & Staff made a massive Kiddush Lubavitch @ Mountain Creek waterpark, that was opened exclusively for Jewish women on Monday and Jewish men on Tuesday. Mountain Creek the worlds largest water park is located in Mount Vernon, NJ.

All the campers & staff present from the Lubavitcher camps including: Gan Yisroel, NY, Morristown Day Camp & Morristown Y.S.P., Camp F.R.E.E., L’man Achai, Oholei Torah day camp & Lubavitch Yeshiva day camp made a massive Kiddush Lubavitch. They made it by acting like they should, especially in the manner in which they dressed. Everyone instantly recognized the Lubavitchers, because they proudly wore their Yarmulkahs & Tzitzis @ all times inside the water park.

In addition to all the fun the CGINY campers had on the various water rides, there was also some fun had with Singer Shloimy Dachs who was so impressed by CGINY Learning Teacher Benny Friedman, whose voice he heard singing over the walkie talkies, that Dachs came over to see for himself and a small concert ensued on the grass at the entrance of Mountain Creek.

After the mini concert, a group of 25 CGINY campers remained to sing camp songs, in the interim getting much attention from the crowds of Jewish passerby’s.