The Winner Is… 7-13-2001

Thursday the Campers woke up at 8:00am, the day began with a regular day schedule – back to the fierce bunk competition. After learning classes, at 12:15pm, all the Campers and Staff gathered in front of the flagpole and lined up in three long lines for the announcement of the Shlichus War Winner!
After the usual pre-announcements and “water throwing”(due to the chilly weather the only water this year was the Judges being thrown into the indoor pool while all the Campers watched through the large windows,) all the Judges screamed out in unison, with their right fists pumped in the air, “the winner, for Shlichus War 5761 is the team of Merkos Shluchim”.

Instantly pandemonium broke out with screaming shouting singing and dancing.

After lunch Bunks 1-14 went on hikes to Liberty, Parksville and the “Water fall”. While bunks 8 and 12 went speed boating for their Shabbos competition trip.