Team of Shluchim
(T.T.T.O. VeHa’aviosim MBD)

My Shabbos by the Shliach
Is always more serene.
Since in a Chabad house
The Rebbe’s clearly seen.

From his family and friends
The Shliach is removed.
To do the Rebbe’s Shlichus
How could he refuse?

The farbrengens Friday night
Inspired me.
Sitting with the Shliach
In unity.

His guidance helping hand,
Changed me through and through.
Making me feel that
I’m a Chossid too

Mesiras nefesh beguloi
The goal of every Jew.
But as the Rebbe’s, Shluchim
This is all we do.

Shliach Shel Adam, K’moso
Rebbe — Shliach unite
Bringing Moshiach closer
Lighting the Golous night.

Team of Merkos Shluchim
(Original tune)

All alone, a young man sits,
His soul crying out from deep within
His Yiddishkeit sold carelessly
He asks Hashem “please let me see”

Few moments later a bochur stands
Before him holding matzos in his hands
Our holy Rebbe sent these to you
For he knows that you’re a Jew

The Rebbe worries for every single Yid
Despite their level or city were they live
For this reason the Rebbe chose his bochurim
Who stand on guard to be sent speedily
For this reason we as Merkos Shluchim
Are marching forth Triumphantly!

Team of Chayolim

I am what they call a minuteman
To serve the army as best as I can
Normally I’ll be working elsewhere
But as soon as war breaks out I will be there

Every Chossid is a minuteman
Serving the army as best as he can
Whenever I get a chance to fight
I will strive to touch every Yid in sight

The Rebbe demands that every single Jew
Should become part of his mission too
We’re ready for the call, to prepare the world
For the coming of Moshiach Tzidkaynu

Shlichus War Teams – CGI @ 4:12 am PST

Team of Shluchim
Theme: A Shliach settling in a city to be the Rebbe’s representative to reach and affect every Jew in the city.
General: Yudi Steiner
LT. Gen.: Shmuli Backer
LT. Gen.: Zalmy Hecht

Team of Merkos Shluchim
Theme: A traveling Shliach to reach even the furthest Jew wherever others may not be able to settle.
General: Simmy Morgenstern
LT. Gen.: Motti Seligson
LT. Gen.: Shneur Shneerson

Team of Chayolim
Theme: Every Chossid, regardless of his job, has an order from the Rebbe to influence every single Jew that he comes in contact with.
General: Mendy Greenberg
LT. Gen.: Koppel Cohen
LT. Gen.: Levi Raskin