Bunk Competition Winners 7-2001

After Maariv Wednesday night the tense atmosphere was felt in the Shul as the Campers and Counselors awaited the announcement of the winners for the hard earned bunk competition.

Finally after all the singing and chanting the Head Counselors made the dramatic announcement and the winners are… first division Bunk Hey (Chabad of Costa Rico), Second division Bunk Yud Bais (Chabad of Spain) and Third division Bunk Tes Vov (Chabad of Venezuela). The winners will be going on a full day trip to Hershey Park on Thursday. Runners up of the entire camp was Bunk Yud (Chabad of Texas) who came in very close to winning; they will be going on a special trip on Thursday. Special recognition was given to Bunk Chof Aleph (Chabad of Thailand) who will be going on a special outing.