Sunday 17th of Tammuz 5761

Earlier this afternoon their was great excitement in the air as all the Campers went up to their bunkhouses to finish decorating the bunks and making costumes to resemble the country that they are representing in “Project Shlichus”. While their counselors continued collecting information about the Chabad Houses and contacting their respective Shluchim, the Campers were actively working on the posters and decorations of the bunk.

Afterwards there was the traditional Campers Counselors Baseball game the final score was 16-2 with the counselors in the lead, the younger bunks played a grand game of hockey in the Shul.

After Mincha Rabbi Baras told the Camp a story. To break the fast to the excitement of all the campers the whole camp was served pizza from “Delicious Pizza” in South Fallsburg (Lazer Raksin).