Shabbos Parshas Balak 7-7-2001

Like last week, before Mincha the campers were told about a brand new 10-speed bicycle to be raffled off after Shabbos. In the course of the Shabbos there were 1500! tickets given to the campers. H.C.B.H. told the campers a story before Kabolas Shabbos. C.S.B. davened Kabolas Shabbos @ the Umud, and it was very lebedik especially during the singing of Lecha Dodi

This, the 2nd Friday night Shabbos meal in camp was as “lebedik” as ever, most of the songs were focused on Shlichus in connection with last weeks launch of “Project Shlichus”. For the second week in a row camps chef Shlomo Futerfas made delicious knaidelach to go along with the chicken soup.

After the meal close to 50 campers stayed on to Farbreng till 12:00 midnight with H.C.S.A.

Shabbos morning there was cocosh & marble cake, cereal & fruit for snacks. Camper Shimon Shur davened @ the Umud till Shochain Ad, he was taken over by Camper Shnayor Kamensky. Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov was honored with Maftir. The letters for counting during Kriah spelled “Moshiach Now” backwards. Camper Yankie Lokshin davened Mussaf @ the Umud.

Seudas Shabbos began with a story from H.C.B.H. and when the singing began the dining room was rocking. The camp made sure to sing with extra enthusiasm @ 1:30pm which is the time that the Rebbe would come down to Farbreng.

The 3 Head Counselors, Rabbi Baras & Rabbi Mordechai Avtzon from Hong Kong farbrenged during the afternoon learning classes with groups of campers.

It was a very active afternoon for Mishnayos Baal Peh.

For most of the afternoon, Rabbi Shemtov farbrenged in the guest dining room with many members of Yeshivas Kayitz present.

Prior to Mincha there was Seder niggunim in the Shul. This week’s “Shmaryionky” had a guest star from the custodial department of camp.

After Havdola the winners for Shabbos competition were announced. Bunks 8, 12, & 19 won, the runners up were bunks 13, 20.

After Maariv in addition to the regular late night sports activities, Bunks 1, 5 and 10 were privileged to be the first bunks to enjoy the first “night swim” in Camps indoor heated pool, and Bunk 14 enjoyed the newly renovated “game room”!