Monday 11 Tammuz 5761

Today after breakfast H.C.S.A. announced that the entire camp will be going on the first trip this summer to “Roller Skating” the campers broke out into a loud cheer and the excitement was felt in the air.
At 10:30am the campers from bunks Aleph through Yud-Aleph boarded the busses for the first shift to “Skaters World” in Ferndale, NY for an exciting hour and a half on the Roller Skating rink. When the younger bunks returned they had lunch and the bunks (Yud-Bais through Chof-Bais) went on to the skating rink.

The days excitement did not end with Roller skating. During the first afternoon activity camps “Toras Rabbeinu” leagues began with a bang and the campers were all very into all the sports activities, looking forward to being the best in their league. The names of the teams are the Seforim that the Rebbe wrote.