The preparations for “Bog war”

The preparations for “Bog war” began after lunch. E.M.T.M.B. announced that there was a sewer leak in the water supply to all the bunks on the hill. He warned all campers not to drink the water.

A bunch of staff started to fill clear plastic garbage bags with water, from a hose inside the indoor pool. The water was to be used to fill all the toilet tanks on the hill, & the plan was to have all the campers carry those bags of water up to the hill.

After snacks were served, there was a special line-up in front of the flagpole. H.C.B.K. was running the show and the distribution of the bags of water began. In middle of all this there was a 1-2-3-4 we want bog war, from the staff. Many of the campers were chanting ….we HAVE bog war. Shortly thereafter as the campers were going up to the hill with their bags of water, the staff screamed out BOG WAR and started singing “lo yisa goy”. The campers went wild with excitement throwing some bags up in the air and ripping the others. The H.C.’s quickly quieted everybody down and sent them into the Shul, but the scene reminiscent to lasts years Bog war breakout when all the campers threw their sunglasses up in the air.

Once inside the Shul the camp was divided in to 3 teams. This year’s war is called ”Yovel Shana” in honor of The Rebbe’s 50 years of Nesius. The names of the teams were Chinuch, Bais Chabad & Chassidus.

In a spirit of Achdus the 3 generals all entered the Shul together. They all wore color rain ponchos in their team colors.

Generals & Lt. Gen

Bais Chabad
Gen.- Dovid Gutnick
Lt. – Asher Hecht
Lt. – Mendy Kaplan

Gen.- Shmulie Nachlas
Lt. – Sholom Kramer
Lt. – Simcha Morgenstern

Gen.- Yossi Waks
Lt. – Ari Markowitz
Lt. – Yanky Markowitz

After brief “pep talks” from their generals there was a rocking Mincha, followed by supper.

After supper there were great scavengers put on by all the teams. “Le’huhir” the word used, for 2 out of 6 scavengers was “SHMAIS”. Between the first & second set of scavengers everyone davened Maariv, & between the second & third set of scavengers there was a short video of the Rebbe shown.

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