Wednesday 9 Tammuz @ CGINY

Revellie, the old fashion way was @ 8:45. H.C.S.A. reportedly woke up 80% of the campers. @ line-up for flag raising H.C.S.A. made the following announcement “all those who had a fun time @ the water park yesterday should shout “Ad Mosai” and the campers who didn’t have a good time should answer.” The result was that for the first time this summer it was a “one-way-only” rocking “Ad Mosai”.

There was no morning activity. There were kaiser rolls, cream cheese, potato blintzes, egg rolls, cucumbers & lettuce for lunch.

During rest period, a group of 11 boys arrived with their chaperons. The boys are from South Africa, and they are staying in CGI for 1 day, to see what “The Rebbe’s Camp” is all about. The entire camp had “leagues” during afternoon activities. It was the first time in a while due to many other exciting things taking place in CGI. In addition new “leagues” signs designed by H.C.B.K. went up in the lobby. Bunk 14 went on their Shabbos competition trip.

During afternoon learning classes, many counselors got together to fix the flagpole. It took 15 minutes of discussion how the pole should be taken down. The actual procedure took 10 minutes.
@ the end of supper H.C.S.A. told the campers, that because of their beautiful participation on the Gimmel Tammuz trip & the Massive Kiddush Lubavitch yesterday @ the water park, by wearing their Yarmulkas & Tzitzits (@ this point the entire camp started clapping & rocking the dining room with the famous C-G-I chant, that was in full force yesterday) they would all be getting ices. The delicious Itzakadoozie, splash pops & shock tarts ices were then given to all the very happy campers. FADAK INC. & (with funding from Zee Cee) sponsored the ices. During the distribution of the ices the campers were shouting, during the shouting some staff, led by counselor Y.W. hoisted the benefactor of all the ices on their shoulders and ran around the dining room with him.

Tonight’s night activity was a very exciting episode of “brother night”, H.C.Y.S. with his brother were two of the contestants.

After Maariv there were late night activities including, indoor swimming where H.C.Y.S. managed to get into the pool with all his clothes , hockey in the Shul & game room for a number of bunks.

Yeshivas Kayitz went on a hike today to Parksville, visiting the waterfalls, Fiddles & the Post Office. In addition Y.K. members had a night swim tonight.

Masmidim & staff did their laundry today @ Suds & Duds in Liberty.

Sources tell SHMAIS NEWS SERVICE that there will be a bowling trip on Thursday for campers who excelled in Learning class.