Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

Regular day. The PA was fixed in all bunks on the hill. The younger divison began “leagues” today. Delicious fresh Pizza prepared by camp chef Shloimy futerfas and his staff was served for lunch. In all there were 50 full sheet pans with about 1000 total slices of pizza. Today was the first day for the one and only CGI roller blading activity, the kids all had a grand time. Yeshivas Kayitz had a b-b-q tonight for Supper, in Siberia. Bunks 12 & 13 were rewarded with the Summers first late night swimming activity in the indoor pool.

Wednesday 2 Tammuz

The seven oldest bunks in camp went on hikes today. The H.C.’s had a meeting in Rabbi Futerfas’ office this afternoon to discuss the Gimmel Tammuz Schedule. Later on in the afternoon the L.D.’s held a meeting with the L.T.’s on the front lawn.

Before Mincha all the campers went up to their Bunks to change into their Shabbos clothes. @ the meal the campers were priveleged to listen to Rabbi Yisroel Deren – Shliach in CT, who spoke about the Rebbe & Gimmel tammuz. After Rabbi Derens’ speech the entire camp sang “With a tehillim” & “Ad Mosai”. Instead of Night activity, the entire camp watched a longer than usual video of the Rebbe, afterward Rabbi Deren davened Maariv @ the Umud. Rabbi Shemtov, his voice choking with emotion, davened Maariv @ the Umud with the waiters Minyan. L.D. Rabbi Baras chazzered a portion of the Maamer “Veatuh Tetzaveh” @ both minyonim.

After maariv the youngest bunks went to sleep. The remanining bunks were split up in two Farbrengens, one with L.D.B.H. in the Yeshivas Kayitz dining room, the other with Rabbi Yisroel Deren in the main dining room, later in the eveing Rabbis’ Deren & Baras farbrengend for the staff.

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